• DoubleClean® Wipes

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    DoubleClean® Wipes Clean PC Thermal Label Printers & Disinfects all types of Surfaces.

    These soft, non-abrasive 4"x 7"  DoubleClean® wipes are pre-saturated with 99% IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol). Simply wipe the DoubleClean cloth across the Print Head on your PC Label Printer and discard. Recommended and Used by Equipment Manufacturers worldwide. Cleaning the print head every time you change the label roll or ribbon will extend the life of the very expensive print head and ensure clean crisp labels. 

    It addition, these DoubleClean® Wipes can be used on all types of surfaces to disinfect  Keyboards, PC Mouse, Telephones, Desktops, Laptops, Smart Devices etc. These wipes are packaged individually to ensure no contamination and a wet disinfectant wipe every time. Easy and Convenient to use - keep them in your desk drawer, purse, car glove compartment, home office, etc 

    Packaged: 100 DoubleClean®  wipes per bag

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